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Talk announcement – Dobrica Pavlinušić -‘Administering unique snowflake systems with 20 years of history’

Dobrica is a system librarian at Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, University of Zagreb and also a geek with love for free software system. In his talk he will explain what to do when DevOps doesn’t help you because your environment consists of unique snowflake systems. He works at an academic institution which over…
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Talk announcement – Tomislav Lugarić – ‘Just build this app for me…’

Tomislav is a Senior Software Engineer at Rimac Automobili. In his talk ‘Just build this app for me…’ he will explain how they went from manually deploying software in a few Concept_Ones to supporting hundreds of people over multiple projects&platforms. As Rimac Automobili grew from a small startup gathered around the Concept-One to a 1000+…
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Talk announcement – Luka Matijević and Miodrag Prelec – ‘Kubernetes and Chaos Mesh’

Luka and Miodrag are two system engineers at Nimium and open source enthusiasts. Their talk ‘Kubernetes and Chaos Mesh’ will show us how to inject some chaos into the applications and Kubernetes infrastructure in a manageable way and use the results to provide more resilient systems for applications.

Talk announcement – Siniša Miličić – ‘Event-sourcing student enrollment’

Siniša is mathematician, docent and vice-dean of the Faculty of Informatics in Pula, Croatia and an advocate of FLOSS for over two decades.In his talk ‘Event-sourcing student enrollment’ he will present the technical and architectural aspects of the framework as well as a toy example of its usage.At university, they developed a little framework in…
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Talk announcement – Hans deRaad – ‘RAD, cybersecurity, medical grade regulatory compliance and open source go hand in hand’

Hans deRaad is independent consultant, open-source enthusiast, also a big classical music lover and first on our list of presenting our awesome speakers.In his talk ‘RAD, cybersecurity, medical grade regulatory compliance and open source go hand in hand!’ you can learn all about challenges of maintaining meaningful access to data in legacy systems, a use…
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Spring break sale

Hope you had a lovely spring break, and hopefully, it’s still going on! We want to make it even nicer by offering you a sweet discount on tickets! By applying a SpringBreak code on Entrio, you will get a 20% discount! To make the decision easier, check out what we have in store for you,…
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Nimium – Linux experts beyond measure

We present to you, with great pleasure, our golden sponsor – Nimium. Nimium are great at what they do. Whether we’re talking about implementing and maintaining open source software solutions, designing solutions based on the GNU/Linux operating system or educating users – Nimium delivers the best, to the immense pleasure of their users. Their team…
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DORS/CLUC 2022 in Media

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DORS/CLUC 2022 in Media

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