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Talk announcement – Vlatko Kosturjak – Shifting left security with FLOSS

Vlatko, Chief Technology Officer (CTO) at Diverto, will tell us how Shift left is the current security trend in security and software development. In his talk ‘Shifting left security with FLOSS‘ we can hear all about what process to develop FLOSS software can be taken and what FLOSS tools can be used in that field…
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Talk announcement – Ivan Guštin – The book “Install Linux!”

In his lightning talk, Ivan will try to describe how he decided to combine more than 25 years of experience with Linux and its implementation on the desktops of many users with the fact that there is no literature for Linux beginners, in Croatian, for users in Croatia, and turn it into a book about:…
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Talk announcement – Hrvoje Bogner – Earthquake2020 and other disasters

What is it like to volunteer when the state gets involved in the process? What are the best steps? What was done? What could be done? You can get answers to these questions in Hrvoje’s talk ‘Earthquake2020 and other disasters’. First at the lecture, and after the lecture in breaks between other lectures 🙂 These…
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Talk announcement – Josip Stuhli – Scaling: from 0 to 20 million users

A story of how our infrastructure evolved over time to accommodate an increasing number of users – from on-premise to cloud and back down. How does one make an infrastructure to handle more than a couple of users? How do you go from 100 to 1000 to 100,000 to tens of millions? What happens when…
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Talk announcement – Georg Greve -Digital Provenance & Self Sovereign Identity

Decentralisation, self-hosting, federated services… almost anyone in the software freedom community feels these are the way to go. But the real world looks a bit different, large platforms dominate the internet. That is due to a couple of factors, and most importantly due to digital provenance and identity remaining unsolved even if we did everything…
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Talk announcement – Bruno Banelli – How FLOSS toolchains became indispensable in development of enterprise and governmental cybersecurity software

In Bruno’s talk ‘How FLOSS toolchains became indispensable in development of enterprise and governmental cybersecurity software‘ we can hear how every year, certain threats grow rapidly as cybercriminals focus their efforts on a particularly effective or lucrative attack technique. Malicious software is getting harder to detect with each newer iteration and users are getting more…
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Talk announcement – Andrzej Kowalczyk – Secure your Kubernetes cluster

Andrzej from RedHat, a big fan of messaging and streaming solutions, will teach us how to increase Kubernetes cluster wtih a zero trust approach.The presentation ‘Secure your Kubernetes cluster‘ will show us how to secure application deliver processs, infrastructure and workload.

Talk announcement – Patrick Fitzgerald – Mass Deployment of Linux with Carpet

Patrick has worked in support, design, deployment and management roles on an international basis for over a 30 years, and he will share some of his knowledge with us in is talk ‘Mass Deployment of Linux with Carpet‘. We will hear all about: ** Required Magic’s Carpet: How we designed a mass deployment system for…
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Workshop announcement – Albert Novak – How to assemble a robust system in the world of containers from open cubes

Albert an advocate and supporter of open systems and standards, works at CARNET, will present in his workshop how today we live in a world that is changing fast and in which fast results are expected, we live agile lives. In doing so, we are expected to build stable and scalable systems that will be…
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Talk announcement – Igor Kolar – The Black Box That Isn’t

Igor is the co-founder of the award-winning software and hardware game studio Gamechuck.From its conception, the Gamechuck Arcade was always going to be an open source product, because, really how could it not be.Igor says that they were lucky to begin their work at the apex of availability of certain important technologies and likewise open…
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