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Talk announcement – Branko Zečević – Open-source toolchains in enterprise retail software

Branko, a CEO at, will give us a lightening talk ‘Open-source toolchains in enterprise retail software’ in which we can hear all about how the segment of development of enterprise retail software solutions is traditionally supported by “legacy” or closed-source implementations of toolchains.With increasing demands on software support in regular retail workflows, in particular…
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Talk announcement – Jakov Petrina – How we developed a custom build platform for Enterprise

Jakov is a firmware engineer in Sartura, and he will tell us how the global network operating systems (NOS) market is at an all-time high. The demand of organizations worldwide for cost-effective, scalable, secure and easily manageable networking solutions has generated numerous Open Source and proprietary NOS solutions available to companies today.The platform was…
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Talk announcement – Ivan Voras – The thorny road to Metaverse

Ivan, doctor of computer engineering and an entrepreneur will tell us in his talk ‘The thorny road to Metaverse‘ how Metaverse is the buzzword of the day, but what it is, what it can be and how to make or participate in something like that are topics that are still between black magic and black…
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Talk announcement – Robin Edgar – Dutch Pandemic Software – Building a FOSS Ecosystem for all

Robin, working as a consultant for many organisational structers and companies, will tell us all about how when the pandemic struck, the Netherlands was as unprepared as anyone in terms of being able to handle the crisis and was forced to act quickly. In the Netherlands, healthcare is organised decentrally and so finding out what…
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Talk announcement – David Zovko – Open Source Hardware as business model

David the founder of e-Radionica will through his talk ‘Open Source Hardware as business model‘ answer to questions:What is Open Source Hardware (OSH)?How is it applied in practice?How is it implemented on commercial products and what benefits does it bring to companies? What does an OSH-based business look like?What are OSH certification programs?

Talk announcement – Goran Mahovlić and Paula Bučar – From ULX3S to modular ULX4M

He is electronics tech and she graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts. Together they will show us how embedded systems are everywhere, including in trusted environments.In Goran’s and Paula’s talk ‘From ULX3S to modular ULX4M‘, we can hear and learn all about how ULX4M is a modular version of the popular open hardware project…
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Talk announcement – Saša Davidović i Bartlomiej Idzikowski – eduMEET – videoconferencing tool by community for community

Saša, CARNET employee (network department), member of GÉANT4 WebRTC team and Bartlomiej GÉANT4 WebRTC team leader will tell us how commercial Internet videoconferencing solutions still present real security concerns. Where does the data go? Who can access the data?In their talk ‘eduMEET – videoconferencing tool by community for community‘, you can learn all about how…
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Talk announcement – Goran Kopčak i Ivica Projić – Open source in digital transformation of water monitoring

Goran, a technical product manager for e-Environment product portfolio and technical manager on the R&D project WaterQ, And Ivica, an EU funds expert and Project manager on the R&D project WaterQ. They both work at Ericsson Nikola Tesla, and they will talk about how Water quality&safety issues have increased in recent decades and are expected…
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Talk announcement – Dario Sindičić i Dario Posarić – Opensource automation and monitoring in Enterprise environment

Dario and Dario from APIS IT, a company with great tradition that goes back 50 years, as one of the oldest IT companies in Croatia, and also one of the largest, will teach us how theirenvironment is composed of thousands of servers. Throughout history, many tasks were done by hand, such as deployment and configurations.…
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Talk announcement – Mladen Bošnjak – ‘New Vulkan renderer & 3D features of Godot 4.0’

Recently there’s been a big shift in the world of game engines, they’re being used more and more in film, VR, employee training in most industries and now every other tech company building their definitive version of the Metaverse in a game engine.The free and open source Godot game engine is currently seen as a…
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