Talk announcement – Fran Kelava – ‘Applications of ZFS in small businesses’

Talk announcement – Fran Kelava – ‘Applications of ZFS in small businesses’

Fran is a FSB Racing team Systems Administrator.

The FSB Racing Team, the University of Zagreb’s Formula Student team, is Croatia’s largest and most successful student project, producing single-seater race cars since 2003. With a team whose compute needs grow by the year in order to remain competitive with elite European teams and a minimum IT budget to fulfill them, we will explore how ZFS has managed to provide high-performance storage for their workstations at minimum cost.

In his talk, Fran will specifically go through:

  • The intrinsic benefits of ZFS for small businesses with surprisingly high compute requirements
  • How they have assembled their little pool at a relatively moderate cost
  • How they have integated Windows + Active Directory setup with ZFS (on Linux) storage: permission mapping & more
  • The performance penalty of virtualizing storage solutions like TrueNAS
  • Detailed pool performance analysis based on real-world engineering simulation workloads: ARC hitrate, compression efficiency
  • Lessons learned, drawbacks, and potential pain points

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