Author: Valerija Olić

Talk announcement – Goran Kopčak i Ivica Projić – Open source in digital transformation of water monitoring

Goran, a technical product manager for e-Environment product portfolio and technical manager on the R&D project WaterQ, And Ivica, an EU funds expert and Project manager on the R&D project WaterQ. They both work at Ericsson Nikola Tesla, and they will talk about how Water quality&safety issues have increased in recent decades and are expected…
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Talk announcement – Dario Sindičić i Dario Posarić – Opensource automation and monitoring in Enterprise environment

Dario and Dario from APIS IT, a company with great tradition that goes back 50 years, as one of the oldest IT companies in Croatia, and also one of the largest, will teach us how theirenvironment is composed of thousands of servers. Throughout history, many tasks were done by hand, such as deployment and configurations.…
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Talk announcement – Mladen Bošnjak – ‘New Vulkan renderer & 3D features of Godot 4.0’

Recently there’s been a big shift in the world of game engines, they’re being used more and more in film, VR, employee training in most industries and now every other tech company building their definitive version of the Metaverse in a game engine.The free and open source Godot game engine is currently seen as a…
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Talk announcement – Markus Feilner – ‘Open Source is Rocket Science – Europe’s Final Frontier’

Markus, Linux and open source expert, will teach us how IT indusry is so simmilar to Rocket science. In his talk ‘Open Source is Rocket Science – Europe’s Final Frontier‘ you can find answers to questions like: How can we close up to the big five of GAFAM (Google Apple Facebook Amazon Microsoft)? How can…
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Talk announcement – Italo Vignoli – ‘Software Heritage, the global OSS archive’

Sir Italo, a founding member of The Document Foundation and the LibreOffice project, the Chairman Emeritus of Associazione LibreItalia, an Ambassador of Software Heritage, and a proud member of Free Software Foundation Europe (FSFE). In his lightning talk, we will hear how Software Heritage is the global archive of software source code, and is supported…
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Talk announcement – Igor Ljubunčić – ’15 cool things you didn’t know you could do with snaps’

Igor is a physicist by vocation and a Linux geek by profession, and in his talk ’15 cool things you didn’t know you could do with snaps’ we can learn how to fully exploreand discover the powers of the snap ecosystem. He will show us some neat tips and tricks and best practices on how…
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Talk announcement – Krunoslav Peter – ‘Design of the Node.js module according to Unix principles – tinyHTMLizer’

Krunoslav is in charge of reporting and research administration at the Andrija Stampar Teaching Institute of Public Health. And in his lightning talk we can hear all aboutNode.js module design – the design according to the principles of development of the Unix operating system: simplicity and (focused) modularity.The talk presents such designed module – tinyHTMLizer…
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Talk announcement – Luka Matijević and Miodrag Prelec – ‘Kubernetes and Chaos Mesh’

Luka and Miodrag are two system engineers at Nimium and open source enthusiasts. Their talk ‘Kubernetes and Chaos Mesh’ will show us how to inject some chaos into the applications and Kubernetes infrastructure in a manageable way and use the results to provide more resilient systems for applications.

Talk announcement – Siniša Miličić – ‘Event-sourcing student enrollment’

Siniša is mathematician, docent and vice-dean of the Faculty of Informatics in Pula, Croatia and an advocate of FLOSS for over two decades.In his talk ‘Event-sourcing student enrollment’ he will present the technical and architectural aspects of the framework as well as a toy example of its usage.At university, they developed a little framework in…
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Talk announcement – Hans deRaad – ‘RAD, cybersecurity, medical grade regulatory compliance and open source go hand in hand’

Hans deRaad is independent consultant, open-source enthusiast, also a big classical music lover and first on our list of presenting our awesome speakers.In his talk ‘RAD, cybersecurity, medical grade regulatory compliance and open source go hand in hand!’ you can learn all about challenges of maintaining meaningful access to data in legacy systems, a use…
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